Spring is always a very busy time in the Real Estate realm. Given the Covid-19 pandemic, the market has drastically changed. Inventory has taken a drastic drop as the number of buyers has grown. There are a few other factors that make now a great time to list and sell that home. Here are my top 3 reasons on why you should sell your home.

Lots of buyers and interest rates low!

Homes that are priced well per condition and location are only lasting a matter of days on the market. One could say, this is the result of more buyers than houses. Interest rates have held steady and are still favorable, so many buyers are taking advantage of it throughout the worldwide pandemic, even with things continuing into 2021.

Things turning in the Seller’s favor

The number of new listings has dropped, while the average sales price has risen right along with the number of homes under contract year over year. Just about all house that hit the market have multiple offers on them within days. We are in the midst of one of the strongest seller markets in recent memory.

Is there a better time to do so? 

With summer right around the corner, why not get ahead of the curve and list it before the hundred of others do. Listing and selling ahead of summer, means more buyers will likely see your home. More showings means higher probability of an offer!

I hope these reasons gave you some better insight as to now being the best time to get that home sold. As always, if you’re interested in getting that home sold, contact me today.



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