Once you make your house a home, the value of it multiplies to you. You’ve raised your family there, likely grew in many areas of life, and it may have even been your first taste of home ownership. While all of these are great things and views on why your home is great, that doesn’t necessarily add monetary value to your home. The next buyer won’t really look at your home that way and rightfully so, being real estate transactions are a business. If you’re looking for some areas to focus on to add value in the eyes of buyers to your home, here are the 5 places to do so.


This is usually the biggest and best place to add value to that home. Whats usually the first thing people fall in love with in a home? Its usually the kitchen. While a major renovation can and will be costly, doing minor projects can get you there and to the same place. Maybe choosing to refinish existing cabinets as opposed to replacing the entire space of cabinets, can save you thousands and have the same look. Step by step is always the best way to go for somebody on a budget. Shopping around and tying all your ideas together will get it done and get that kitchen ready to make your home that much better.

Bathroom Updates

The smallest room can add big value to every other space in that house. Being that it is the smallest, it usually doesn’t cost too much to make it shine. Less floor space make it easier to re-tile the floor, and less fixtures make it easy to do the same. The heart of your bathroom is the vanity, which is where usually the majority of the  focus will be on when looking. Most double sink “his and her” vanities cost between $500-$1000 depending on finish.


Usually when a room is bright, it appears and feels bigger. Take that into consideration when thinking of upgrades to your lighting in each room. LED and recessed lighting are the common types which offer many different and easy to install options. Changing out overhead room light fixtures, ceiling fan fixtures, and other older bulbs can change the entire feel of the space.

Neutral Paint

Paint can piggy bank off of the lighting upgrades. If the paint and feel is neutral, that can also make the room feel bigger. If you’re thinking of selling your home, painting it a neutral color will also help a buyer realize its one less thing that needs to be done. Fresh paint and trim lets the buyer know that the home was really cared for and makes them appreciate it that much more.


Curb appeal will help get that home sold as well. Paying attention to your walkways, whether it be lighting or condition will take it a long way. Flowers, and keeping the hedges and bushes trimmed will also give it that fresh and maintaned look. If you dont have a green thumb, consider replacing the mulch which can offer the same result.




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