With the current market as busy as it is, putting yourself in the best position as a seller is vital. Selling your home for the highest amount possible, and in the fastest time is every seller’s goal. So what does it take to achieve that? Price is always the determining factor in your home selling and how fast it sells. What are some other things you can do to get that home sold for more money and faster? Here are 5 helpful tips in making it happen:

Neutral paint

Paint goes along way in the appearance and presentation of  the home. When buyers walk in, the more neutral the colors, the warmer and appealing the home is. Light Blue or gray seem to be the most popular of the colors at the current time, as that’s what you see on a lot of HGTV programs. Homes with walls that are painted light blue or a pale blue-gray color could bring in as much as $5,440 more than if the home had white walls, according to Zillow’s Paint Color Analysis of more than 32,000 photos of homes sold nationwide.

Knobs and fixtures

This may be one of the cheapest and effective things that can be done, changing hardware and fixtures all throughout the house. Changing the hardware on the cabinets, drawers, and handles in your kitchen with a stainless or brushed nickel look can drastically change the appearance. While you’re at it, getting matching plumbing fixtures can fully compliment the new look. When it comes to bathrooms, these simple things can go even further, as a vanity change can alter the whole design of the bathroom. You may also want to consider light switch, outlet, and lighting covers.

Knowing what to put away during showings

During a showing, you want the buyer to focus on the home. By putting away as much personal items as you can this will help achieve that. Pictures, toys, games, extra furniture and anything else that is a necessity should be removed or stored elsewhere as much as possible. Staging the home can also be a great option that can help the buyers mentally move in, and closer to an accepted offer.

Lightening and Brightening

Many buyers have made exterior lighting a priority, as it enhances curb appeal and safety. It gives the home a sort of displayed feel and helps it to stand out. LED bulbs on the exterior not only are cost efficient, but they burn brighter which makes a room really shine.

Professional Photography

Lets face it, the first place your home will be seen is on a phone or laptop. What about that picture will make the potential buyer continue to look at the home? Photography will go along way in making the home appealing  and getting buyers in the door. The better the presentation, the more people will be in the door as 98% of buyers find the home they eventually purchase online first.

I hope that these tips have helped you in your attempt to get that home sold. I’m always available should you need further help to make that happen.







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