The value of a home is always something important that the owner should constantly work to maintain and increase. Whether you’re looking to stay in the home for 5,10, or 20 years you should always do things to increase the value of the home. Some people often don’t know the things that directly add value to a home. Here are 5 improvements that increase the value of a home.

New Kitchen

The place that will usually draw a buyer to a home is the kitchen. The newer and shinier, the more appeal the home will have. If you don’t have the ability to overhaul the entire kitchen, start with little projects and go from there. Starting with new fixtures, flooring, appliances, and paint can change the entire look of that kitchen. While cabinets and counter tops may be huge renovations, saving for them over time will defray the cost and make things easier.

Bathroom Updates

While its usually the smallest room in the home, it can possibly have the biggest impact. Just like in the kitchen, starting small is the best plan of action. Changing the vanity, paint color, or fixtures can update and change the entire look of the bathroom. Being that the bathroom is small, laying new flooring wont break the bank and will change the entire scheme of things in the bathroom. Another thing to possible consider if you have tiling would be to re grouting the tile may be a very inexpensive option.


The brighter the space appears, the bigger it feels and seems. If you’re listing the home for sale, you want that home to look and feel as spacious as possible. LED lighting has really changed how are homes can be lit and brightened. There are several options and types of lights that can be added to areas in your home to brighten spots and add focus to different areas of the home.


Paint may not equal dollar for dollar value but it being done and fresh will definitely make a potential buyer see it as one less thing needed. One thing that is really overlooked and should be well taken care of is trim. Whether its white or wood trim, keeping it fresh and intact will change the look of the home. Just like lighting, the brighter the color, the bigger the room will seem.


What is your first thought as you pull up to your home? Does the landscaping wow you? Trimming the hedges, maintaining the lawn and keeping it clean goes a long way. Professional landscaping can be costly but it gives you a lasting impression and those that visit your home. The theme has been lighting, and outside is no exception. Adding walkway lights, exterior motion lights and overall well lit areas will make the home more appealing.

I hope these few tips help you in attempting to add value to your home, and making it more appealing to you and others.



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