With all the beautiful Connecticut foliage, happenings, and fairs going on during another New England fall season, real estate is something else you should have an eye on. While spring is the most popular buying season, here are 5 reasons you should buy a house this fall.

What’s left of Spring Inventory may work for you

As stated before Spring is when most sellers list their home initially, but what happens when they don’t sell? Most sellers stay on the market in hopes of selling and may end up with a home that sells less than its market value.

Less Buying Competition

A biy motivation in buying is closing before school starts, and now that time has come and gone. Many are also hesitant to buy in the fall and cooler months of the year.

Many Sellers want to close by years end

Some properties aren’t homes and investments for some owner, so the tax consequences can be motivation for a seller to make a deal. Some agents even convince sellers to offer incentives and extra discount to buyers whom can close by years end.

Homes on the market during holidays usually have motivated sellers

Many don’t like their home to be viewed or open during holidays and disrupting their family gatherings and events. If a seller is listed during this time, then in most cases they’re motivated and likely to work harder to put the deal together.

The great landscaping is gone

Flowers are starting to die and trees losing their leaves so the beauty of the landscaping for homes is going away. This will let you know what the property and land really looks like bare. The best time to do a home inspection is also when its raining or snowing, which in some cases can be the weather in the fall.





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