The common time for sellers to list their homes is the Spring. The reasoning is pretty clear with the nicer weather and longer daylight hours. The question is, is that more beneficial than listing now as opposed to waiting a few mote months? Here are my top 5 reasons why we need to sit and speak about listing your home now.

Low Inventory

Being a Realtor that helps a lot of buyers find homes, I see the lack of inventory we have. Being that we have that lack, the supply and demand principle comes into play. Correctly priced homes in good condition aren’t lasting, as buyers are moving quickly due to the lack of choices. More importantly, do you really want to wait until the rest of the sellers come and create more competition?

Urgency In Buyers

Buying and moving into a home in the dead of winter isn’t fun, so a family that is looking to do so is motivated. The showings this time of year are more likely to be somebody serious and ready to make the move. Being at the beginning of the year, many companies also transfer employees at this time of year so that is another factor to create the urgency.

Lower Price Points Move Faster 

In Greater Hartford, the lower price points where first time buyers are located move very fast. If its move in ready and priced well, you may have multiple offers within the first few days on the market. The lower the home is priced, the more buyers will be able to buy which creates that traffic.

New Administration

There has been lots of fear of change given the new president and leadership. Being that nothing has changed as far as criteria, many are finding it wise to try and get into a home now. This has created more urgency in buyers and added a few more, as I’ve personally seen. Many are buying now with the uncertainty of the future

Interest Rate Rise

Since we have had our new president, the rates have slightly risen. Economists cant say its directly connected, but many aren’t saying that it isn’t. Why not get locked into a lower rate today instead of waiting and they rise beyond your control.


I hope that these things have you better prepared to make a decision in listing your home. As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to me and lets get that home sold!!!!!!.

Marques Strickland

Realtor/Buyer Specialist
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