When one buys a home, they usually want the most for the least. Whether its the first time buyer that maybe cant afford to do the repairs, or somebody just looking for the best value, buyers are usually inclined to select the turn key property. As a seller, once you list your home, you’re entering into a competition. What about your house is gonna make the buyer choose yours? What value do you give the buyer that makes them not want to look at anything else after yours. A good buyers agent will showcase those things and let their clients know which home is the best investment. Here are 7 things that will likely scare a buyer away.

Aged or Damaged Roof

One of the biggest repairs and upgrades is the roof. On average a roof can be at least about $6000 to replace (depending on size of the home). Roof issues are responsible for about 40% of the insurance claims in the US. Typical lifespan on a roof is between 21-30 years.

Damaged or Missing Gutters

Gutters and downspouts are critical in keeping water away from pooling up around the house. Water pooling up can cause major foundation issues and water seepage into the basement and causing further damage.

Old Windows and Doors

Windows are another major expense that can cost you money monthly in heating and cooling costs. Broken windows may also stop a buyer from buying the house due to financing rules. Window replacement can bring 50%-80% return on your investment.

Old and Outdated Appliances

Most buyers usually replace their appliances anyways, but old and outdated appliances can make a buyer just overlook an entire property. Always letting the buyers know the appliances are going with you is always highly recommended.

Old Furnace/Heating System

Another one of those really big expenses, that can make or break a deal. Typical furnace can run upwards of $7,000 whether it be oil or gas ran. A well maintained unit typically lasts about 25 years with some outlasting that.


Termites cause $5 Billion dollars in damage a year and it is highly recommended to have a termite test done. Even if the activity isn’t happening now, previous damage could be extensive. Doing a termite treatment before listing the property, you can put a buyer at ease and eliminate the possibility.

Foundation Problems

Cracks in a foundation are usually signs of a bigger problem, that can likely be the most costly of all. Being prepared to fix structural problems before your house hits the market, will save you a lot of time and frustration later.


I hope these things will help you get your home better suited to get sold once it hits the market. As always, if you have any other questions please reach out to me.


Marques Strickland

Realtor/Buyer Specialist
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