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Why Buy a Home Now?

Marques specializes in working with clients who are looking into buying a home in CT. Marques works with those that are pre-qualified or would like to learn how to raise their credit score enough for an affordable home loan. Marques also consults with investors who are looking to increase their portfolios through multi-family properties and commercial real estate in CT. Mortgage interest rates are surprisingly low right now and home prices are too - get a great deal that will repay you again and again over the years.

Free eBook: 12 Month Plan to Buying Your First Home

Updated & Revised For 2018!

How to buy your first home in the next 12 months or less, even without perfect credit

Homeownership Builds Wealth

Live More Freely in Your Own Home

Create Stability for Generations

Marques’ Blog

5 Biggest Credit Score Myths

Your credit is the financial reputation that you carry with you throughout your adult life. Having good credit can be the determine what you drive, where you live, and sometimes where you work. Bad credit will cost you money as well whether it be through higher...

5 Steps To Start Improving Your Credit

Credit is a vital part to success and ease in your adult life. Having bad credit will result in you having to pay more in interest rates on cars, homes, credit cards, and even personal loans. If your credit score is really low, you'll likely come across a denial in...

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