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Marques specializes in working with clients who are looking into buying a home in CT. Marques works with those that are pre-qualified or would like to learn how to raise their credit score enough for an affordable home loan. Marques also consults with investors who are looking to increase their portfolios through multi-family properties and commercial real estate in CT. Mortgage interest rates are surprisingly low right now and home prices are too - get a great deal that will repay you again and again over the years.

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How to buy your first home in the next 12 months or less, even without perfect credit

Homeownership Builds Wealth

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Marques’ Blog

5 Things To Know Before You Finance A Home

Most people that buy any type of home, usually finance it. With that being said, that is the biggest purchase one will make in life. With something of that magnitude, you should be very cautious and know what you're doing beforehand. Here are my 5 things you need to...

What Do You Need To Start Home Shopping?

I often come across and have helped many people buy a home whom didn't even know they had the ability to buy one. Public perception of becoming a homeowner or buying a home period is pretty tarnished. I've heard everything from needing a 750 credit score to needing...

5 Reasons To Sell Your Home in 2017

2017 is here and many people have lots of projections for the real estate market in the new year. With a new president and things shifting, some are fearful while others are hopeful. I personally am still seeing a busy market even with inventory slipping slightly in...

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