Buying a home in the spring is the popular thing and time to purchase as many consumers and buyers have done in the past. The Fall is just as if not a better time to buy a home. Here are the top reasons why you should buy a home this fall.

Houses That Have Been On Market Awhile May Be Better Deals

As stated many people think spring is the best time so sellers usually list around that time. So those sellers that have been on since then are more eager to get that home sold. Usually if the home was listed all summer with no sale, the seller and agent may be desperate to get it sold.

Less Competition

As the weather starts to change, the market does indeed slow down. So that means there are less buyers which means less competition for you.  In the spring its normal to want to offer on a property and find out there may be multiple other buyers that offered on the same home. In the fall there is often less of that.

Sellers Want Done By End Of Year

We may not know the sellers situation individually but most owners typically don’t want a home to carry into a new year. Most may want to take advantage of the gain/loss by getting sold by the end of the calendar year. Often you may see a new job opportunity beginning in the new year and that may be the motivation.

Holiday Craze

Many people want their homes to be sold before Thanksgiving and Christmas. as you’re looking to entertain family and friends, the last thing you want is to get your home ready for showings and or open houses so the urgency to get it done may be a little higher.

Cold Weather Shows All The Flaws

The colder months typically show all the bad in a property. The fall will in most cases have more rain and leaves falling which show what a property looks like in its worse. Clogged gutters that back up into homes are notorious in the fall, and a good time to catch those things in the early stages.


I hope this helps you choose to rethink waiting until the spring to buy that home. After all, rates are rising!!!





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