Selling a home in Connecticut

So you made the decision to sell your home. Most home sellers are very hesitant, nervous, and unsure about doing so. Think about it, your selling the biggest asset you’ve most likely have had in life and hoping to walk away with what you feel your home is worth. That  is why consulting with a real estate professional as soon as you make this decision can ease the process and put things in perspective. Three things factor into your home getting sold. They are location, price, and condition, and you have control of condition and price. Waiting on the market to improve is a common misconception made by homeowners. The best price you’ll get in today’s market will be the one you get today, as every month the price on your home decreases your costs stay the same. If youre considering selling your home, the first step would be for us to sit and discuss what homes like yours are selling for. You have no obligtaion by meeting with me, so you have nothing to lose. Contact me today!!!!


Marques Strickland
Realtor/Buyer Specialist
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