Owning a home is the American dream, that most people want to achieve at some point in life. Do most people know what the basic steps are to begin? Here they are.

1. Decide if owning is for you

Owning is a big difference as compared to renting. You have all the responsibility for maintenance and costs that go with owning a home. Whether you go single family or multifamily, the responsibility is there. What i would advise doing is using a online calculator to determine what a mortgage and if you can cover those costs.

2. Sit and discuss with Myself/Lender

Once you decide to pursue owning a home, meeting with a Realtor (me, lol) should be your next step. I will paint the picture and let you know what will be needed to make this happen and answer the many questions a first time home buyer would have. I work with several reputable lenders who can get you the best loan product for your particular situation. You are more than welcome to contact your own lender and/or bank, but working with a lender that has a relationship with your Realtor will ensure the process is as smooth as possible.

3. Get Pre approved

Once you speak to the lender and they check your finances and credit, they’ll  be able to supply you with a pre approval. Most cases they will give you a maximum amount, that fits what you’re comfortable paying monthly. Once you have this, we can start home shopping. Here are the basics needed to get a mortgage pre approval.

-Credit score of above a 620 (no active collections)

-2 Years Employment at same job (or in the same field and position)

-2 Years Tax returns, W2s

– 60 Days of paystubs, and bank statements

-Funds are on a case by case basis, but with a higher score, you may qualify for 100% financing. You should still expect to spend a minimum of about $1500 even with 100% financing. (contact for details)


I hope that this helped you understand what your next few steps in the process of buying your home will be. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.


Marques Strickland

Realtor/Buyer Specialist
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